At Misu Labs, we accomplish growth through innovation -effective products, processes, services, technologies and ideas- created for markets, governments, and civic society. We architect partnerships by applying the latest technical, business & human capabilities; driven by systemic thinking and an understanding of future trends. Misu Labs industry experience includes Financial Services, IT, Education, Media & Entertainment, Mobile, Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Services, Non-Profit, Social Impact & Government. 


To explore and develop ideas, products & eco-systems that define the future

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BluePrint Ideation &  Prototyping

New Product Development & Management  

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships   

Lean Start-Up & BMS               

Startup Operations & Hackathons           

IP & Copyrights Management  

Fractional Leadership   

Content Curation & Development


Corporate & Business Strategy  

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Six Sigma, Lean & Process Development 

Research & Analysis

Post-Merger Integration

Organization Design & Change Management

Channel Development

General & Project Management

Product & Program Development

Board Relations

Emerging Markets Strategy

Market Entry & Expansion        

Global Alliances & Partnerships 

Global Management

Market Assessment

Digital and Social Media & Management

Marketing & Research      

Branding & Design

Film & Media Production